About company


The company’s activity began in 2015. Providing high-level transport services, the company quickly gained confidence in the domestic and international market. Expertoo has a large fleet of trucks and employs professionals for whom customer satisfaction is in the first place.


The company expanded its activity to include furniture production. The owners’ passion for design, modern arrangements, full of class, luxury and style was the motivation for actions in this direction.

The entire Expertoo team puts a lot of effort into making the furniture designs unique, particularly durable materials, and the client has the maximum level of satisfaction with their use. The bestseller in the field of production are tables made of wild oak, obtained in the Carpathians. Tables are available in various sizes and color variants. The company offers help in the selection of accessories – chairs, also willingly indicates salons, in which the customer can refine the interior design.

Naturalness of the material – an aspect highly valued in our production, causes that the color variants are constantly enchanting with new reflections. The number of oil layers that we finish products sometimes determines the saturation of the color. The wood needed for production is obtained in the Carpathians, individual supplies of raw material in the same color sometimes differ in tone which is unusual and allows to create a multi-tone arrangement of the interior and select a wider range of additives. The surfaces are decorated with smaller or larger „knots” showing furniture from a new, better perspective of design.

The wood surface can be classified as follows: Degree I- wood has a smooth surface. Stage II – wood has a small „knots”, the surface is locally smooth Stage III – wood has numerous knots, it is extremely impressive with its naturalness and unique design Stage IV – aged wood, enriched with numerous knots. The wood aging service is performed at the customer’s request for an additional fee.

What distinguishes each level apart from the external appearance?


Furniture, which is the subject of our production, have very good quality. They are made of solid materials and with the intention of using for years. From the opinions of our recipients, it results that tables with a larger number of knots are much better to maintain and more robust in resilience. They value high abrasion resistance and higher density in these products. This does not mean, however, that I did not gain I rank. On the contrary. All available variants enjoy the interest of our customers. Choosing the degree of surface is only a matter of taste.